“As prayer flags stimulate the spreading of goodwill and peace all around us, collective efforts of artists also inspire a stronger sense of community. This exhibition seeks to bring together Himalayan artists spread across borders to reflect on their changing cultures and identities. 

As different cultures come together today, we experience shifts in our understanding of ourselves and the worlds we inhabit. Even as we embrace our changing ways of life, stepping back and revisiting the ideas that have shaped our views allows us coherence and clarity. Thus, this show is our collective effort to highlight stories of diverse individuals from various cultures. 

We hope that this also provides a glimpse into the rich landscape of Himalayan artists working today. Their work represent their efforts to understand their own influences, to dig deeper into their questions and to reflect upon their observations. 

We hope that through the nuances of our individual stories, we can come together in a relatedness and understanding that surpasses cultural perceptions.”

Tsering Sherpa. February 28, 2020.